Alex Maruny is a Spanish actor known for his roles in Spanish films like The Club of the Misunderstood , Phantom Promotion or Three Meters on the Sky.

Born in Barcelona, ​​he studied acting at the Eòlia School where he developed his artistic and theatrical talent, although he has always worked in film and television.

Home Town: Barcelona, ​​Spain
Nationality: Spanish
Annual Income: Not Known
Net Worth: Not Known

Career Info:

He debuted on the big screen in the Spanish adaptation Three meters above the sky , where he played a secondary role. He has participated in various Spanish romantic comedies of great repercussion at the box office as Sorry if I call you love or ghost promotion. 2014 was a key year in his career, as he played the protagonist of the movie The club of the misunderstood with Charlotte Vega.

On the small screen he has participated in regional TV3 productions such as Pulseras Rojas and Citas. At the national level, it was secondary in the Antena 3 Luna series, the mystery of Calenda.


Hiking, Watching movies, Watery Sports, Reading, Dancing

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