An Egyptian singer, she is one of the most famous female singers in Egypt and the Arab world, where she succeeded in a short period of time through her distinguished choices and her sincere sense of love and encouragement for a broad base of audiences throughout the Arab world. Sherine Sayed Mohamed Abdel Wahab was born on 10 October 1980 in Cairo. The real beginning of the career of Sherine Abdel Wahab was in early 2000 through a duet with singer Mohamed Mohi entitled “You are the lover of the eye and the heart.” Then she joined singer Tamer Hosni in the album “Shirin and Tamer Remix” which was the first step of their artistic career Then each of them in a special way. Shirin’s first song “Ah Ya Lail” was a great success, opening her doors of fame and art to the extent that she has become famous for “Shirin Ah Ya Lail”, and then she has presented many distinguished albums including “Wounded Tani”, “I Need to Live” and “Batman” “And” Habit “, in addition to many individual songs, and several albums of them (Ask High, I need to live, I am a lot).

Career Info:

During her artistic career, she received the Murex Award as the best Arabic singer in 2009, the Middle East Music Award for "Mima" as the best singer for the Habit album, the ART award for the best women's album in 2010 and the honor of the Society American scientists of the United States the same year. Shirin has been acting for the first time through the film "Mido Problems" with "Ahmed Hilmi", but then stopped acting in order to find a scenario that satisfies her ambitions. She returned to a series of songs that gave a great success in Ramadan 2014. She also participated in the voice talent program and added the spirit of spontaneity, simplicity and humor.

Sneak Peak

Nick Name :  Sherine

Full Name :  Sherine Sayed Mohammed Abdel-Wahab

Date of Birth :  8-Oct-80

Horoscope :  Libra

Profession :  Singer

Country :  Egypt

Home Town :  Cairo, Egypt

Birth Place :  Cairo, Egypt


Father :  Sayed Mohammed Abdel-Wahab

Mother :  Karima Wahab

Martial Status :  Married

Spouse :  Hossam Habib

Physical Statistics and Measurements

Height :  5' 2"

Weight :  60 Kg

Body Type :  Slim

Eye Color :  Dark Brown

Hair Color :  Brown

Likes, Dislikes & Hobbies

Hobbies :  Music, Traveling

Some Amazing Known Facts

She released “Bahibik Ya Omi (I Love You, My Mother)” for Mother’s Day 2009, dedicating it to all mothers in the Arab world.

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